NEW 투탑 영어 3-2 교과서 유형부터 기출 형까지 모든 중학 영어 문제, 이 안에 다 들어있다!

  • 정가13,000원
  • 분량메인북120쪽, 홈워크32쪽, 리스닝북80쪽
  • 크기220*290(mm)    ISBN : 978-89-261-4825-9
  • 저자김진아, 김지형, 홍석현, 신수진, 강윤희, 정운경, 김지영, 염미선
  • 부록MP3 CD
1.The Desk Was Covered with Dirt
2.I Want to Know If You Can Join Us
3.The Blue Whale Is the Largest Animal in the World
4.I Wish I Were with You
5.She Said That She Was Really Happy
6.It Is the Watch That I Want to Buy

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